COPEDIM is an International Joint Laboratory about "Copper and Pediment"

COPEDIM is an international research group in geosciences (Geomorphology, Geology and Geochemistry) focusing on the development of geological erosion surfaces (called pediments) in the Andes and on associated supergene concentration of some metals like copper.

How and when did erosion and weathering surfaces develop in mountain ranges is a crucial issue  to reconstruct  climatic and tectonic changes through geological times. Understanding the possible link with supergene mineralization has economic implications. 

This network has been initiated by the Institut de Recherche pour le Développement (IRD). It has the structure of a "virtual laboratory", with directors, scientific comity, researchers and technicians belonging to different chilean, peruvian, canadian and french institutions. It is supported by these institutions and industry. Its center of gravity is located at UCN, Antofagasta.


provenance and tracing of weathered material using the model Cidre


October 6, 2016


Visit of the evaluation committee of COPEDIM at UCN, Antofagasta. 


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September 3, 2015

logo du laboratoire Géosciences Environnement Toulouse

Small workshop at GET in Toulouse. Talks by R. Riquelme (UCN), E. Campos (UCN), H. Pizzaro (UCN), C. Sanchez (UCN-GET)

August 24-27th, 2015

Copedim' researchers participate to the SGA congres in Nancy to present works about relationships between supergene copper, pale-environnement and geomorphology.

August 9-14, 2015


Lectures at UCN and field work about pedimentation and supergene copper for Peruvian (UNI, Ingemmet Lima) and Chilean (UCN) students and ingeniors, by R. Riquelme (UCN), S. Carretier (IRD-GET) and H. Pizzaro (UCN).

March, 2015

An article in Mineria Chile about Copedim

January 2015


R. Riquelme wins a REDES project from the Conicyt to strengthen the networking between Copedim participants

August 18-23th, 2014


Winter course at UCN (Antofagasta, Chile) about pediment formation and supergene processes

with students from U. Chile (Santiago), UCN and UNI (Lima, Perú).

December 2d, 2013


Workshop Copedim  (Departamento de Geologìa  U. Chile) 

November 11-16th, 2013


Lectures and field work about pedimentation and supergene copper for Peruvian (UNI Lima) and Chilean (UCN) students, by R. Riquelme (UCN), E. Campos (UCN) and S. Carretier (IRD-GET).

August 8th, 2013

Signature of the COPEDIM specific convention between IRD and UCN in Antofagasta. 

Decembre 3rd.


kick-off meeting in Antofagasta 
One day about pedimentation, weathering and supergene processes

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